Moon Pie Single Decker Marshmallow Sandwich Banana - 12 CT

Moon Pie® Single Decker Marshmallow Sandwich Banana. The original marshmallow sandwich. Since 1917. 12 Individually wrapped pies. Net wt 24 oz (680g). History of the Moon Pie: Around 1917, a traveling salesman for Chattanooga bakery was visiting a company store that catered to the coal miners. He asked the workers what they might enjoy as a snack. They said they wanted something for their lunch pails that would be filling and taste good. When asked what size the snack should be, a miner held out his hands to frame the moon and said, "about that big!" with that idea in mind, the salesman headed back to the bakery, where he noticed some workers dipping big graham cookies into marshmallow. He thought this looked like a good tasting combination, so he added another cookie for a lid and covered it with chocolate. When he took a batch of samples for the workers to try, the response was so enormous that the "Moon Pie" soon became a regular item for the bakery. Two things have remained constant at Chattanooga bakery since those early days: Our commitment to producing the world's finest marshmallow sandwich and our consumers' constant demand for the excellent taste and value that a Moon Pie offers. We are grateful for our rich heritage and appreciate your continued support. The Employees of Chattanooga Bakery, Inc. Visit our Moon Pie General Stores! Moon Pies, T-shirts, gifts and lots of fun. A zero trans fat snack. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Banana original 12 count. Visit for up-to-date store locations and hours.