Terra Real Vegetable Chips Sweets Medley

Terra® Real Vegetable Chips Sweets Medley™. Sea Salt. Batata. Sweet Potato. Purple Sweet Potato. Net Wt 5.75 OZ (163 g). Over 20 years ago two forward thinking New York chefs created Terra® Chips. From the first moment, people were hooked on the vibrant flavors and delectable crunch that comes from sourcing unique and diverse root vegetables from a select group of farmers. Today, the Intimate process of crafting our chips remains with over 20 different varieties and flavors that are truly distinctive by nature. Purple Sweet Potato: Deliciously purple from its skin to its core, it gets its distinct color from anthocyanin, a flavonoid found in abundance in this sweet potato. Batata: (Boniato or Cuban Sweet Potato). Light brown in color, yet darker than the Yuca. Batata has been savored in the Caribbean for centuries. Sweet Potato: (A distinct variety of the Ipomoea Batatas). A glorious late-summer orange. Gluten free. Non GMO. Recyclable through the TerraCycle® network of collection programs www.terracycle.com. We guarantee the freshness of all our delicious Terra® brand products. If you are not completely satisfied, please send us the empty package along with the reason for your return to: Terra® Chips Consumer Relations, 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, CO 80301 or Call: 800-434-4246. www.terrachips.com. ©2014 The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.