Glad Quick-Tie Lawn Leaf 39 Gl

Glad® Extra Large Quick-Tie® Lawn and Leaf Bags are the heavy duty bags you need to tackle your toughest outdoor projects. These large trash bags are guaranteed strong* to help prevent rips, tears and messy trash disasters. Handle even the toughest jobs around the yard and garden — everything from your lawn clippings to piles of fall leaves and year round garden debris — with the trusted strength of Glad®. Four flaps close the bag securely to keep trash inside with no need for inconvenient twist ties that can be misplaced. The flaps also help keep the bag securely shut to avoid messy trash disasters as you transport it. Great for larger more demanding household and outdoor cleaning, Glad Lawn and Leaf bags can handle the job inside and outside the home. Tackle your next yard or garden project with Glad® Extra Large Quick-Tie® Lawn and Leaf Bags. *See packaging for more information.