Emergen-C Kidz 250 mg Vitamin C Dietary Supplement Orange Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix - 30 CT

Emergen-C® Kidz® 250mg Vitamin C Orange Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix Dietary Supplement. With other natural flavors. B vitamins. Antioxidants Vitamin C, manganese, zinc. Electrolytes. Naturally, it's good for kids! Knock knock. Who's there Orange. Orange who Orange you glad a supplement that's so good for your kids' health actually tastes this great Specially formulated for kids, each packet of Emergen-C Kidz vitamin supplement drink mix provides a whopping 250mg of Vitamin C plus other antioxidants zinc and manganese, B vitamins, and electrolytes to help keep your kids feeling good every day.* Feel the Good®. Fix it how you like it Less water = more flavor. Get your free samples at emergenc.com! While supplies last. See emergenc.com for limitations. Caffeine free. Gluten free. Vegetarian. Natural sweeteners & flavors. Naturally-sourced colors. Antioxidants: 250mg of Vitamin C plus zinc and manganese for immune system support.* B Vitamins: B vitamins play a key role in metabolism for energy.* ‡Electrolytes: Great for after physical activity, replace key electrolytes lost through perspiration.* FSC®. www.fsc.org. Mix. Packaging from responsible sources. Our boxes are printed with vegetable-based inks. Recyclable. This box is recyclable. Consumer line: 1.888.425.2362. emergenc.com. ©2015 Alacer Corp.