Bruce's Southern Style Bread Pudding Mix

Bruce's® Southern Style Bread Pudding Mix. A Louisiana recipe. A Southern tradition. It Began with the Bread...For decades, whether along the streets of the new orleans French quarter or the plantations on the banks of rivers and bayous of Louisiana, it has been difficult to conceive of starting the day without the comforting smells of dark roast coffee and fresh baked bread. Previous generations were faced with a simple culinary question, "what to do with the "leftover" stale, bread. One answer to that question, a delicious dessert Bruce's "southern style" bread pudding, so good that many people buy an extra bread or two to allow the loaves to "go stale" in order to make this sinfully good dessert. Whether served following our recipe, or adding a favorite fruit - pineapple tidbits, raisins, or apple slices - Bruce's southern style bread pudding represents one of the culinary triumphs of the deep South. ©Bruce foods Corp., MCMLV.